Surf Day


Loverope began in February in Brazil and this May held its first "LOVE ACTION" performing the Surf Day with the CRPI institution (Children and Cerebral Palsy Recovery Center) located on the Tombo beach, surf stronghold from Guaruja in São Paulo. The organization serves about 400 children and teenagers a month, people with a physical disability and cognitive caused by several syndromes or genetic disorders, among others. 

The day began with a great breakfast with juices, vitamins and natural snacks, then the vice world champion of adapted surf Divizinho Radical sent a message of support to children and subsequently, an exciting lecture by Taiu ( tetraplegic surfer) that took his adapted surfboard, the children could sit and feel how the board works. Then the highlight of the day was the tarp surfing, children were conducted inside of an artificial wave generated by a huge canvas.

The excitement and joy of the children and the project participants were incredible, every tube everyone shouted and whistled, as in a classical session. After, each child received a small wooden board for painting and at the end all gained a Loverope bracelet and a surfer's degree. Also attended the event event beyond Taiu, coach Paulo Kid, the Free Surfer Camilla Callado, the Shaper Rodrigo Matsuda's Splinter Surfboards, Raphael and Carol of Flamboiar.

The next step is to put the kids in the water and create a monthly program sessions during the months of November to March. Actions like this only demonstrate that when good people come together for a common goal there are no limits.